The Dezzi Group

A political and business consulting firm meeting the changing needs of corporate and not-for-profit clients.

The Dezzi Group, Ltd. is a political and business consulting firm specializing in corporate, government and community relations. The Dezzi Group offers a multi-dimensional approach to dealing with the ever changing economic, media, legislative, program and promotional needs of our corporate, and not-for-profit clients.

Community Relations - The Dezzi Group organizes dialogues and acts as a liaison between the community, government and businesses. The Dezzi Group markets clients and their issues using an extensive network of stakeholders.

Public and Media Relations - The Dezzi Group helps clients develop and focus their vision, image and message. The Dezzi Group is able to utilize the vast media systems that exist in the region, including print and broadcast media. The Dezzi Group is also able to use the many community, ethnic and trade publications of the region to publicize the message of the client.

Lobbyists - The Dezzi Group assists with the development, analysis and promotion of legislation at
the State and Local level. Eleanor Dezzi and Christopher Dezzi are both registered lobbyists with the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. Christopher Dezzi is a registered lobbyist with the City of Philadelphia.

Government Relations - The Dezzi Group serves as a communication link on behalf of its clients with
federal, state and municipal government as well as an informational source. The Dezzi Group educates
government about the services, programs or products of its clients.

Strategic Partnerships - The Dezzi Group uses its network of contacts to help establish strategic
partnerships for its clients to help forward their goals and objectives.